Sunday, February 27, 2011

The 2nd song

Today's the last Sunday of the month, which means track #2 in my 'song-a-month-for-2011' project is here. It's called 'Renegades (A Song About Monsters)'.

Those already on my mailing list should have it in their inbox now. If you're not yet on the list, stick your email address in over there to get it for free, plus a new song every month for the rest of the year.

I'll post some thoughts on the making of this track soon, but right now I'm exhausted. It's 11pm and I spent a large chunk of the wkend getting the thing finished.

Good night.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My brain feels like a squishy sea creature...

Word up peeps. Thanks to all who've downloaded 'Stealing Shadows' so far - was actually really chuffed with the response. It's still over there on the left of this page if you haven't yet, but I'll be replacing it with another song on Sunday week, so get crack 'a lackin'.

And if you wanna give me some feedback on the track, click here and drop a review. Perhaps you felt like you could have mixed it better yourself, or maybe the sampled insects made you go a bit postal...

So anyhoo, I've been running all over the place as of late and wanted to share some shtuff.

Went to Laneway the other day and saw a bunch of great bands. My personal faves were Local Natives, Warpaint, Foals, me mate Gotye and Sydney's Wim, who I've been following for a while. It is crazy that Wim were able to deliver one of the day's very best sets on a bill containing internationally renowned acts and in spite of their midday time slot. Check them out here.

Speaking of other bands, some of you may not know that I moonlight as drummer in a band called Cogel. Cogel has just finished our first video and I think it's bloody brilliant. I can say this comfortably cos I had absolutely nothing to do with its creation. That honour goes to Chocolate Fish Productions and Cogel's lead singer Nic. I urge you to check it out here.

Cogel is also offering a free download (it's the cool thing to do these days) of our new track 'Roundabout' via our website - click on the bottom right hand corner.

What else can I bombard you with while I'm rambling on here? Well, there is one other thing. That show I did at Cafe Lounge last week is streaming on the net here.

Obviously you don't get the whole vibe (eg. you can't see the enormous 'Whole Lotta Rosie' prop that I stole from AC/DC, nor do you get to see the fully grown manatee having a drink at the bar), but it might give you some idea as to what the gig was like.

Enough nonsense from me.